Different kinds of cotton cloth quality inspection:

cotton cloth: greige cloth, colour cloth,cotton prints,yarn-dyed
Calico, percale, coarse cloth, beige, khaki, gabardine,venetian,twill (weave),poplin
yarn of ramie,seersucker,corduroy,cotton suiting,lint

Some common factors for cotton cloth quality control:

1.breaking strength (Latitude and longitude)
2.Tear strength (Latitude and longitude)

3.Color fastness: light fastness, washable, Colour fastness to saliva,perspiration resistance,water proofing, rub resistance, fastness to hot pressing
4. water-absorbing quality
5.combustion performance
6.pilling and fuzzing characteristics
7.Singeing level
8. Softness
9. Width deviation
10.colour difference
12.Inconsistent pattern, uneven dyeing,Weft move,barriness

cotton cloth quality control

cotton cloth quality inspection

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