Notebook quality inspection:laptop-Tablet PC-desktop computer

Different kinds of notebook quality control:

Mini notebook,touchscreen notebook,Business notebook, fashion notebook, multimedia applied notebook
Lightweight portable notebook,Amusement game type Notebook,

Notebook inspection:laptop-tablet PC-desktop computer qc
common factors for  laptop quality control:

1.Appearance:the surface of the product should not have visible defects(scratch Mark,Poor Painting,Poor 
power button,etc)
2.Quantity,Color check
3.Workmanship:defective list
4.Hi-Pot test(for adapter)
5.Memory capacity check
6.Running test
7.Internal check
8.Packing & marking
9.Screen check
10.Basic function test
11.Battery charging & discharging check(autonomy play time test)
12.Tape check on silk- screen/painting/electroplate
13.Assembly check
14.Rub check on rating label
15.Software version check

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