Different kinds of pet supplies quality inspection:

1 pet food
Dog food, dog snacks, dog canned food, prescription food, wonderful fresh package, other

2 Nutrition
Nutrition and health, nourishing beauty hair, kill fleas lice, mites insecticide, commonly used drugs

3 Beauty Cleaning
Comb brush, shampoo bath, electric scissors, fur care, toilet supplies, sterilization deodorant, eye and ear dental care, nail clippers, Chit machines, shovels, and other

4 travel home
Dog hut, dog cushion, dog cages, air boxes, dog backpacks, bags, small dog beds, dog nest

5. Collar belt
Dog collars, dog leashes, harness cuffs, neck cuffs, dog masks, harness

6. Feeding utensils
Plastic utensils, stainless steel utensils, automatic feeding, automatic waterers, cleaning utensils, pot dog

7 Pet Toys
Chew toys, throwing toys, other

8 clothes jewelry
Dog clothes, dog shoes, dog accessories, dog physiological pants, dog hair, dog bracelet, other

9 training equipment
Inducers, books and VCD aids

10. Glister chews
Dog chews, dog tooth cleaning dog

dog collars quality inspection-pet supplies quality inspection

Some common factors to check for pet supplies quality control

We recommend pet products prior to export producers should ensure compliance with the safety, reliability and the performance tests and chemical requirements for food contact materials and product testing and other testing requirements, the production process safety and risk assessment requirements, as well as corporate ethics and social responsibility assessment requirements.

dog collars quality inspection-pet supplies quality control


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