Different kinds of Plastic quality inspection:

PET: bottle of mineral water, carbonated drinks, juice, etc
HDPE: White medicine bottle, opaque shampoo bottle, yogurt bottle, chewing gum bottle, etc
PVC: Raincoat, PVC plastic line pipe, water pipe, plastic switch, socket
LDPE: Cling film, plastic film, toothpaste or cleanser's tube packing
PP: One-time juice bottle, drinks cup, plastic trays, lock lock crisper, Packaging, toys, washbasin, bucket, hangers, water cup etc
PS: Ice vessel , Cheap transparent products, foam plastic, smack-box, CD box, water cup, heat insulation material layer etc
PC: Transparent glass, Drinking water barrels, CD base material, eyeglass and lampshade
PA: Nylon rope, nylon socks; finshing wire, fishing nets, ropes, and conveyor belt, etc
ABS: Different kinds of electrical housing, office supplies components, helmet,  pipes of doors and Windows etc

Some common factors for Plastic quality control:

Some defects for reference:

1. short shot-- shoot insufficient  glue, parts of material or not full
2. rough selvedge-- parting surface extrusion of plastic materials.
3. shrink-- surface indentation caused by material cooling contraction
4. Dent bump - parts by extrusion, collision result in surface depression and uplift
5. Melting seam-  branch of flow reunited to the hair fine lines
6. Splay mark - left in silver streaks on the surface of the parts  when shoot glue
7. Strain - open die in die surface or dermatoglyph delay result in surface scratches
8. Scratches - parts out of the mould,   scratches no caused by mould
9. Deformation - bend, distortion, stretching.
10. Top is white --color white, often appear in the top position
11. Different color - there are differences between the local and surrounding of the color defects
12. Spots -  point defects are different from the surrounding color
13. Oil - pollution caused by release agent, thimble oil, rust-proof oil
14. scorch-- plastic combustion deterioration, usually yellow color, carbonization were black when seriously
15. Fracture - local material separate from noumenon.
16. Cracking-- visible cracks
17. Bubbles - transparent products forming inside the hollow
18. Color difference –the difference between actual color and standard color
19. embellish bad - repair parts except the burrs, gate, a cut in addition to clean or not.

plastic quality inspection


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