Different kinds of  stainless steel sink inspection - kitchenware quality control:

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common factors for stainless steel sink inspection - kitchenware quality control:

1. crescent: caused by during transport, handling;
2. cut and bruised: caused by foreign body contact of stainless steel plate on the surface of the plate is concave and convex trap;
3. crack: bent surface irregular deep fine lines or bifurcate bending small deep lines;
4. the oil: refers to the stainless steel semi-finished products formed in the process of stamping machine;
5. surface coating scratched: stainless steel friction with hard objects in the process of semi-finished products in the processing;
6.Edge grinding burrs : refers to the burrs for stainless steel semi-finished products in the process of shear formation;
7. welding bad: bad welding: welding have breakpoints, juncture is uneven, the phenomenon of false welding not firm
8.Bad polishing: water chestnut grinding surface burn, polishing lines, the phenomenon such as;
9. solder joints: refers to the black after welding is complete, yellow solder joints;
10.Drawing the wrong direction: refers to stainless steel semi-finished products in the process of drawing in the opposite direction or distort the chaos caused by the grain;
11. detergent cleaning: refers to the finished products used in cleaning up debris on the surface of stainless steel stainless steel bright clean detergent;
12. packing

tainless steel sink inspection - kitchenware quality control:


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