Different kinds of steel products quality inspection:

deformed steel bar
reinforced bar,rebar,twisted steel
Carbon Structural Steel Plate
Low alloy hi-strength structural steel plate
Quality Carbon structural steel plate
Normal strength hull structural steel Plate
High strength hull structural steel plate
Low Carbon Hot-rolled wire
Coil for wire production
Quality hot-rolled carbon steel coil
Hot-rolled coil for prestressed  wire
Coil for Welding
Deformed wire coil
Regular carbon plain bar
Quality carbon structural plain bar
Alloyed stural plain bar
plain bor
Tube Billet
Hot-rolled strip
Structural Steel
Die Steel Forgings
Stainless steel
Bearing Steel
Wire for musical  instrument
Flat spring steel
Carbon Steel wire for spring making
Quality Carbon Structural Steel wire
Carbon Steel Wire for special usage
Profiled wire
Alloyed spring steel  wire
Quality Structural  Steel
Stainless Steel Wire
Wire for needle making of sewing machine
Strip for quality Tape Making
Thermal treatment spring steel strip
alloy tool steel 
aluminium alloy 

steel products inspection:plate/bar/roll/coil/wire/strip/pipe qc

Some common factors for steel products quality control:

1.Check the material’s specification according to the purchase order

2.Use appropriate measuring tools to measure each project to detection of different parts of not less than three times (such as measuring the diameter of the round steel, it should be in every round steel ends and the middle part of measurement confirmation)

3.Hardness inspection: the inspection according to material of model checking is related to the effective data files, confirm what is the hardness, using hardness tester for testing, sampling of the surface of the material requirements must conform to the requirements of the relevant durometer measurement.

4.Appearance inspection: mainly on the material appearance shape, inspection of surface defect: For appearance’s defects, can use visual inspection, for High Precision Process, it is not easy to detect the shape of the demand by visual inspection , it needs appropriate measuring tool to measure.

5.Common defects following:

1) Ovality: round section of metal materials, there is phenomena of that different diameter  on the same cross section of different  directions
2) Bending: bending is rolled material.In the length or width is not flat, is in the shape of the curve
3) Reverse: strip rolling material along the longitudinal axis twisted into a spiral
4) Sickle bending/profile: refers to the metal plate, belt and close to the rectangular section bar section along the length of the narrow (surface) side bending, angled a concave curve, the other side are angled to the convex curve
5) Ladle curvature: refers to the board or the length and width of wave phenomena of ups and downs in at the same time;
6) Surface crack: refers to the metal object surface crack
Uneven: steel plate, steel strip and steel pipe ( wall thickness is Uneven)
8) Ears: because of improper roll with the bumps along the rolling direction outspread
9) Rolling skin: Refers to the uneven distribution in the material surface tongue shaped, nails or designed in flakes
10) Fold:It is the metal in the process of hot rolling or forging forming of a kind of surface defect, surface or double metal layers, with each other in a straight line or curve.

Steel coil inspection:stainless steel coil,galvanized Steel coil


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