Different kinds of  storage racks quality inspection:

1. By the development of the shelf is divided into:

1) Traditional shelves. Including: shelves,  layer format shelves, drawers shelves, cabinets shelves, U-shaped rack, cantilever rack, gate frame, saddle, tank steel tube frame, tires special shelves.

2) The new shelves. Include: rotating shelves, mobile shelves, assembling shelves, adjustable shelves, pallet rack, into the car shelves, top shelf, loft-style shelves, gravity shelves, screens hanging shelves.

2. According to the applicability of the shelf:

1) Universal shelf;
2) special shelves

3. Manufacture of materials according to the shelf:

1) steel shelves;
2) reinforced concrete frame home goods:
3) hybrid steel and reinforced concrete on the shelves;
4) wooden shelves;
5) Steel produces shelves.

4. According to the degree of closure of the shelf:

1) open shelves;
2) semi-enclosed shelves
3) enclosed shelves.

5. By structural characteristics:

1) shelves;
2) stratigraphic framework;
3) The shelf;
4) drawer frame;
5) cantilever;
6) tripod;
7) grid racks.

6. By movable shelves of points:

1) fixed shelves;
2) mobile shelves;
3) rotating shelves;
4) a combination of shelves;
5) adjustable shelves;
6) Mobile store shelves.

7. According to the shelf structure:

1) Overall Structure: Rack directly support the roof of the warehouse and confining friends;
2) Structure of the body: the shelves of the building is divided into two separate systems.

8. By shelves laden points:

1) cantilevered shelves;
2) cabinet shelves;
3) shed plate shelf.

9. According to the structure of the shelf:

1) The combination of removable shelves;
2) fixed shelves. Which is divided into units shelves, general shelves, mobile shelves, - through shelves.

10. According to the height of shelf:

1) Lower shelf: height 5 m or less;
2) the middle shelf: 5-15 meters in height;
3) top shelf: more than 15 meters in height.

11. By weight of the shelf:

1) Heavy-duty shelves: each shelf load 500 kg or more;
2) Medium shelves: each shelf (or shelves) 150-500 kg;
3) Light shelves: each shelf load of 150 kg.

Some common factors to check for storage racks quality control

1. Size Inspection

2. Material’s thickness

3. Appearance Inspection:

1) Normal: the overall effect is reasonable and beautiful, looks clean, without sundry, no color, no stains or scratches, the stamping and bending parts and neat, smooth, no burr.

2) Slight unqualified products: overall effect is reasonable, the appearance have no obvious stain, or scratches, color difference is not obvious, the stamping and bending parts is not particularly neat, no obvious burrs.

3) Severe unqualified products: the overall effect is not reasonable, appearance is broken, there is a clear stain or serious scratches, color difference obvious, the stamping and bending parts not neat has obvious burrs and other serious adverse phenomenon.

4. Structure Inspection:

1) Reasonable structure: shelves stocked upright, solid, not shake; case appropriate force no distortion, no dumping, no severe shaking; each installation parts solid, easy off, easy disassembly; product display shelves after more sedate, not tilted, do not open welding.

2) Irrational structure: After placing tilted shelves, shaking, easy to pour, easy to fall off the unstable components, display merchandise on the shelves after shaking severely deformed, open welding, easy to pour.

5. Weight Inspection:

Weight is a measure of the shelf shelves whether the materials used meet the requirements for a practical way, we usually determined by examining whether the material thickness of the material to meet the requirements, but the thickness of the finished shelves containing powder coating thickness and the thickness of the material itself, but the thickness of the coating powder customers often difficult to accurately test, the material thickness is calculated by weighing after the shelf is relatively accurate.

storage racks quality inspection

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