Different kinds of towel inspection:

cutting velvet towel
Jacquard towel
Antibacterial towel
Twistless yarn towel
Satin gear towel
Pure cotton fluff yarn towel

According to the weaving method has two categories, knitting and tatting points;According to utility score pillow towel, face towel, bath towel, towelling coverlet, sofa towel etc, in addition, and terry cloth

Common design and color are all white towels, plain towels, striped towels, printing towel, mercerized linen, spiral towel, jacquard towel and printed jacquard towel, etc., used to wash brush can be directly contact with the human body of textiles (such as towel, face towel, bath towel, towelling coverlet, etc.)

Some common factors for towel quality control:

1.Rate of weight deviation
2.Breaking strength
3.Water imbibition
4.Hair removal rate
5.Color fastness:With water resistant (change color, Stained )
6.With perspiration (change color, Stained )
7.Resistance to soaping (change color, Stained )
8.rub resistance ( Dry friction , Wet rubbing)
9.Resistance to chlorine wash ( change color)
12.Linear defects
13.Strip defects
14. Block defect
15. Oil, color stains
16. damaging defects
17.Permeation defect
18. Printing and dyeing defect
19. Sewing quality
20. Ironing quality

towel quality inspection towel quality control


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