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Zhoushan, the only city on the sea composed of archipelago, is located at the junction of the southeast seashore and the entrance to the sea of Yangtze River, backing Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo City, facing the Pacific Ocean. In the center of China-mainland sea line, Zhoushan is the main door and thoroughfare for the external opening of Yangtze Delta. 1390 islands are just like a string of pearl casting on the vast China East Sea. Known for “benefits of fish and salt, convenience of boats”, it is rich and beautiful with unique sea, port and scenes and famous because of the special marine resources such as “port, scene and fishery”.

Zhoushan has a long history. During the New Stone Age, the primitive people of Maao primitive village had created secret and splendid culture known as “First village on the island” with piling 99 mounds. During Chunqiu era, Zhoushan was belonged to Yue, named as “Yongdong” (means east to Yong River) and Continent on the sea. During Tang, Yuan and Qing Dynasty, Wenshan County, Changguo County and Dinghai County were successively established. In January, 1987, ratified by the State Council, Zhoushan was set as a city which was the only one composed of archipelago. It has jurisdiction of 2 districts Dinghai and Putuo, 2 counties Daishan and Shengsi with total population of one million and a total area of 22,200 square kms among which land area is 1,440 square kms. Zhoushan Island is the fourth largest island of the country with the area of 502 square kms. Dinghai is a famous historic and cultural city of Zhejiang Province.

Zhoushan possesses intelligent land and outstanding people. Boundless and profound marine culture has given the people broad mind and firm spirit. During the Opium War, the three generals Ge Yunfei, Wang Xipeng and Zheng Guohong led 5,000 soldiers fighting a bloody battle and all died with long-remembered reputation. In the modern history of the country, there appeared a lot of well-known outstanding peoples such as Zhu Baoshan, Liu Hongsheng, An Zijie, Dong Haoyun, etc. Here is also the former residence of Qiao Shi, Dong Jianhua, Jin Weiyin and San Mao.

Zhoushan has plentiful resources. Zhoushan Fishing Ground is the largest fishing ground of the country which is known as “Fishing Garage in the East Sea” and “Fishing Metropolis of China”. Shenjiamen Fishing Port is one of the three largest fishing harbour of the world. The annual output of the seafood products reaches 1,300,000 tons, among which the far ocean fishing output takes more than one tenth of the whole country. Zhoushan possesses unique deep water harbour and navigation passageway resource. There are 40 places of deep water sea lines good for building berths. The sea lines below 10 meters are 185 kms, below 20 meters 82.8 kms. It is an ideal port area for building large deep water docks at the middle part of China sea line. Zhoushan has special sea and mountain scenes, including 2 national level scenic spots Mount Putuo and Shengsi Archipelago, 2 provincial level scenic spots Daishan Island and Taohua Island and other 1,000 scenic spots. Well known abroad and in domestic, the Sea Sky and Buddhist Kingdom Mount Putuo, new created International Sand Sculpture Festival as well as delicious seafood, fresh air and blue water and golden sand are paradise for pilgrimage, sightseeing, summer resort, rest and exploring. The annual tourists reach more than 10,000,000.

After the revolution and opening up, the economy and society of Zhoushan develop quickly. The handling capacity of the harbour has already in the top ten harbours of the country. The average GDP of 2005 broke through to 3,000 US$. The sea products intensive processing, ship building and repairing, tourism, marine medicine, textile and other main business have great strength. Water, electricity, gas, telecommunication, aviation, strait ferry and other basic facilities are complete. The constructing Mainland-linking project will connect Zhoushan and the mainland. Its strategic position at Zhejiang as well as Yangtze Delta will be further appeared.

The rising thousand-island city will be constructed as a modern garden city on the sea and an important base of the country on the filed of advanced manufacturing and strategic materials storing and transporting. The tomorrow of Zhoushan will be splendid with connection of sea with human, sea with culture and sea with the world. We sincerely welcome all friends from abroad and domestic to come to Zhoushan for sighting, investment, to create a brilliant future mutually.


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