Different kinds of Auto parts inspection:

1.Engine Parts:
Throttle body, engine, engine assembly, pumps, nozzles, tensioner pulley, cylinder block, bearings, pumps , Fuel injection, gaskets, camshafts, valves, crankshaft, connecting rod assembly, pistons, belts, muffler, Carburetor, fuel tanks, water tanks, fans, oil seal, radiator, filters, generators, starter

2.Transmission parts:
Transmission, transmission shift lever assembly, reducer, clutch, pneumatic, electric tools, magnetic materials, electronic components, clutch disc, clutch cover, universal joints, universal ball, universal ball, CV, clutch , actuator, power take off, synchronization, synchronizer rings, belt, differential, differential case, differential plate angle gear, planetary gear, wheel frame, flanges, gear boxes, intermediate shaft, gear lever fork, drive shaft assembly, drive shaft flange
3.Brake System Parts:
Brake shoes, brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, compressors, brake assembly, brake pedal assembly, brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, ABS-ECU controller, electric hydraulic pumps, brake camshaft, brake wheel, brake tellurium pins, brake slack adjuster, brake chamber, vacuum booster, hand brake assembly, parking brake assembly, parking brake lever assembly operations

4.Steering System Parts:
Kingpin steering knuckle ball stud

5.Walking Department Accessories:
Rear axle, air suspension system, balance blocks, steel, tires, leaf spring, axle, shock absorbers, wheel assembly, axle bolts, axle, frame assembly, wheel sets, front axle

6.Electrical instrumentation system accessories:
Sensor, auto lamps, buzzers, spark plugs, batteries, wiring harness, relay, audio, alarm, regulator, distributor, starter (motor), one-way, a car dashboard, switches, insurance, glass lifts, generator, ignition coils, ignition

7.Automotive Lighting:
Decorative lights, headlights, searchlights, ceiling, anti-fog lights, instrument lights, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, emergency lights

8.Car modification:
Tires play pump, car roof rack, car roof boxes, electric winch, car bumper, skylights, insulation material, bumper, wing, fenders, exhaust pipes, fuel economy

9.Security alarm:
Steering wheel locks, wheel locks, anti-theft devices, mirrors, rear view system, camera, seat belts, drive recorder, central locking, GPS, ABS, reversing radar, gear lock

10.Automotive interior:
 Automotive carpet (mat) steering wheel cover steering booster ball curtains, sun gear

11.Automotive exterior:
Wheel wheel cover sticker car body color of the license holder Sun Visor

12.Comprehensive accessories:
Adhesives, sealants, vehicle tools automotive spring plastic partsts

13.Audio appliances
Tire pressure monitoring system monitors car radio decoder

14.Chemical treatments
Antifreeze coolant brake fluid lubricants

15.Body and Access ories
Auto glass wiper belts, airbags instrument panel

16.Maintenance equipment
Sheet metal equipment purification system Tire calibrator

17.Power Tools
Power punching hot air gun electric jack plate electric wrench

Some common factors for Auto parts quality control :

1. Exterior features include color bright appearance quality parts such provisions, specified in the specifications, drawings and the like.

2. On the basis of appearance quality appearance characteristics of parts, there is a requirement of physics, there is a feeling judged by people, the latter because of the feeling of employing relatively simple, as the appearance of more quality benchmark evaluation using human feeling.

3.Disadvantages appearance quality requirements are mostly outside the required value specifications, drawings, etc., no quantitative requirements.

4.Compound defective parts in the unit area, the presence of two or more defects.

5.limit sample is represented by sample qualified or unqualified quality limits by mutual agreement with the supplier to determine.

6. Mirror / Lampshade :
Plating pitting
Plating surface
Other appearance's requirements: without damage/crack, lack of materials and fracture, plating, error, outfit, as well as the sealant spillover, burr rowers

auto parts quality inspection

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