Eagle Eyes Quality Inspection Co.,Ltd is a professional Third Party Inspection company, offering Quality Control, Factory Audit and Container Loading Supervision service. We see the fast production growth in Vietnam and yet their production quality not as high/ constant as in China, so we expand our inspection coverage to Vietnam to help our clinets watch their production quality. We have qualified quality inspectors in Vietnam, we are right here to ensure your products purchased in Vietnam can meet your specifications, quality standards and safety requirements.

In our
 Dak Lak Inspection Service and Dak Lak Quality Control Service,common Products Inspected As Below

Garment (pajamasbrauniformshirtpant)bagscaps ,gloves ,backpacksShoes (High-heels)bedding sets etc
Rubber products(mattress), frozen seafood, cashew nuts, tea,peanut, rice, coffee, wooden products(Furniture) etc
Electronics: cameraspeaker, Tablet PC, laptopmobile phone and Telephone accessories and many more

QA & QC Inspection Service Networks: Major manufacturing cities across Vietnam.
QA & QC Inspection Services:

Dak Lak Inspection Service

Suppliers Selection Production Monitoring Secure Shipment
Factory Audit Factory Prototype Check Container Loading Supervision
Sample Test Pre-Production Inspection Container Unloading Supervision
Company Verification During Production Inspection  
  Pre-shipment Inspection  
  100% defects Sorting  

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Dak Lak 

Đắk Lắk (Vietnamese: [ɗák lák]) is a province of Vietnam. It is located in Vietnam's Central Highlands, and is home to quite a few indigenous ethnic minorities, such as the Rade, the Jarai and the Mnong, among others.
Coffee, fruit, and rubber play an important part in its economy. Recently, there have been efforts to harness the province's considerable potential for hydroelectric generation. The Jun people take advantage of the small tourist trade that passes through, giving elephant rides through the village and across the lake.
Dak Lak economy is mainly based on the production and export of agricultural and forestry products. The province also has the potential ecotourism. In the PCI rankings of Vietnam in 2011, Dak Lak ranked at No. 58 among 63 provinces and cities. Dak Lak province has the largest area of coffee in the country with an area of 182,343ha and annual harvest of over 400,000 tons, accounting for 40% of the country. Coffee, fruit, and rubber play an important part in its economy.  Also, the province grows other fruit trees such as avocado, durian, rambutan, mango, etc. The total social product was estimated at 37,700 billion (at constant price 2010), up 9.2% over the implementation of 2013, reaching 99.4% of the plan. Agriculture, forestry continues to grow fairly, exceeding the plan; hold an important role in stabilizing the economy and rural life, contributing primarily in maintaining the economic growth of the province. The production value of the whole industry (at constant prices 2010) was estimated at 34.850 billion dong, up 6.44% compared to 2013 and 8.96% compared to the plan.
Some industrial products still maintained a high growth rate compared to 2013, such as mining industry, processing industry and manufacturing, industrial production and distribution of electricity and gas. Particularly, some products had the strong growth as sugar (46.3%), coffee powder (22.3%), and instant coffee (28.6%). The stable products are beer, starch, animal feed... Total retail sales of goods and service was estimated at 49,425 billion dong, increasing 14.8% compared to 2013 and reaching 2.81% of the plan. The export turnover was estimated at USD 730 million, reaching 97.3% over the plan, up 12.3% compared to 2013. The import turnover achieved USD 15 million, reaching 75% of the yearly plan; imported goods were mainly raw materials, materials for production and machinery. Tourism activities increase relatively. The total number of tourists was estimated at 467,000 arrivals, reaching 100.43% of the plan, up 13.9% yoy. In particular, international visitors were estimated at 47,000 arrivals, an increase of 17.5% over the same period; domestic visitors reached 420,000 arrivals, increasing 13.51% over the same period. Total revenue reached 360 billion dong, up 15.94% compared to the same period last year.
Administrative divisions
Đắk Lắk is subdivided into 15 district-level sub-divisions:
Buôn Ma Thuột city
Buôn Hồ town
Buôn Đôn District
Cư Kuin District
Cư M'gar District
Ea H'Leo District
Ea Kar District
Ea Súp District
Krông Ana District
Krông Bông District
Krông Búk District
Krông Năng District
Krông Pắk District
Lắk District
M'Đrăk District
They are further subdivided into 12 commune-level towns (or townlets), 152 communes, and 20 wards.

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