Eagle Eyes Quality Inspection Co.,Ltd is a professional Third Party Inspection company, offering Quality Control, Factory Audit and Container Loading Supervision service. We see the fast production growth in Vietnam and yet their production quality not as high/ constant as in China, so we expand our inspection coverage to Vietnam to help our clinets watch their production quality. We have qualified quality inspectors in Vietnam, we are right here to ensure your products purchased in Vietnam can meet your specifications, quality standards and safety requirements.

In our
 Dong Nai Inspection Service and Dong Nai Quality Control Service,common Products Inspected As Below

Garment (pajamasbrauniformshirtpant)bagscaps ,gloves ,backpacksShoes (High-heels)bedding sets etc
Rubber products(mattress), frozen seafood, cashew nuts, tea,peanut, rice, coffee, wooden products(Furniture) etc
Electronics: cameraspeaker, Tablet PC, laptopmobile phone and Telephone accessories and many more

QA & QC Inspection Service Networks: Major manufacturing cities across Vietnam.
QA & QC Inspection Services:

Dong Nai Inspection Service

Suppliers Selection Production Monitoring Secure Shipment
Factory Audit Factory Prototype Check Container Loading Supervision
Sample Test Pre-Production Inspection Container Unloading Supervision
Company Verification During Production Inspection  
  Pre-shipment Inspection  
  100% defects Sorting  

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Dong Nai
Đồng Nai (Vietnamese: [ɗə̂wŋm naːj] is a province in the Southeast region of Vietnam, located east and northeast of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The largest city in Đồng Nai is Biên Hòa. Prior to Vietnamese colonization, the area was dominated by the Funan, Chenla, Khmer empire and subsequent influences until 1627. The area was known as Kâmpéâp Srâkatrey (កំពាប់ [កំពប់] ស្រកាត្រី) in Khmer.
Đồng Nai is one of Vietnam's main manufacturing centers and one of the most developed provinces.
Despite its strong focus on industrial development, Đồng Nai still has a substantial agricultural sector. Agricultural land accounts for 47% of the province's area as of 2011, a total of 277,600ha. This is lower than in other provinces in the Southeast region, except for Ho Chi Minh City. Cereals were grown on 118,600ha in 2011, an area that has been decreasing gradually in recent years, from 139,300ha in 2005.[2] Output of rice has however remained stable and was at 335,200t in 2011. The province also produced 305,300t of maize, making it the largest producer of maize outside the country's mountainous regions and contributing 6.3% to the national maize output. Đồng Nai also produced 619,700t of sugar cane (3.5% of the national output), sweet potatoes and cassava.
Đồng Nai is the largest livestock producer among Vietnam's provinces and plans to further invest in the sector. The government reserved 15,000ha for livestock farming in 2012, mostly for poultry and pigs. In 2011 there were 1.33 million pigs and 10.655 million poultry. Despite not being located along the coast, Đồng Nai produced 41,600t of fishery products in 2011. Over 90% of this was produced in 33,500ha of aquaculture farms. This makes Đồng Nai the largest aquaculture producer outside the Mekong Delta.
Đồng Nai is one of Vietnam's main manufacturing centers. It has attracted 9.1% of FD into Vietnam by 2011, an accumulated US$18.2 billion, the fourth largest after Ho Chi Minh City, Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province and Hanoi. Industrial gross output in 2011 was VND 314 trillion, 10.6% of the national value. It has received a broad range of FDI projects, including a Bosch auto component plant, a Toshiba motor plant, a PepsiCo beverage factory, a Posco steel plant, and a Nestlé coffee factory.
Administrative divisions
The administrative divisions of Đồng Nai
Đồng Nai is subdivided into 11 district-level sub-divisions:
9 districts:
Cẩm Mỹ
Định Quán
Long Thành
Nhơn Trạch
Tân Phú
Thống Nhất
Trảng Bom
Vĩnh Cửu
Xuân Lộc
1 district-level town:
Long Khánh
1 provincial city:
Biên Hòa (capital) (Bien Hoa)
They are further subdivided into eight commune-level towns (or townlets), 136 communes, and 29 wards.
Bien Hoa City
Biên Hòa (Northern accent: About this soundlisten, Southern accent: About this soundlisten) is a city in Đồng Nai Province, Vietnam, about 30 kilometres (20 mi) east of Hồ Chí Minh City (formerly Saigon), to which Biên Hòa is linked by Vietnam Highway 1.
Bien Hoa is the central of Industry in South Viet Nam. About 6 industrial Zone
Bien Hoa I Industrial Zone 335 ha
Bien Hoa II Industrial Zone 365 ha
Amata industrial park 674 ha
The Long Binh Industrial Zone Development
Agtex Long Binh Industrial Park - AGTEX 28: 43 ha
Tam Phuoc Industrial Park 323 ha

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