Eagle Eyes Quality Inspection Co.,Ltd is a professional Third Party Inspection company, offering Quality Control, Factory Audit and Container Loading Supervision service. We see the fast production growth in Vietnam and yet their production quality not as high/ constant as in China, so we expand our inspection coverage to Vietnam to help our clinets watch their production quality. We have qualified quality inspectors in Vietnam, we are right here to ensure your products purchased in Vietnam can meet your specifications, quality standards and safety requirements.

In our
 Dong Thap Inspection Service and Dong Thap Quality Control Service,common Products Inspected As Below

Garment (pajamasbrauniformshirtpant)bagscaps ,gloves ,backpacksShoes (High-heels)bedding sets etc
Rubber products(mattress), frozen seafood, cashew nuts, tea,peanut, rice, coffee, wooden products(Furniture) etc
Electronics: cameraspeaker, Tablet PC, laptopmobile phone and Telephone accessories and many more

QA & QC Inspection Service Networks: Major manufacturing cities across Vietnam.
QA & QC Inspection Services:

Dong Thap Inspection Service

Suppliers Selection Production Monitoring Secure Shipment
Factory Audit Factory Prototype Check Container Loading Supervision
Sample Test Pre-Production Inspection Container Unloading Supervision
Company Verification During Production Inspection  
  Pre-shipment Inspection  
  100% defects Sorting  

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Dong Thap

Đồng Tháp is a province in the Mekong Delta and Đồng Tháp Mười region of southern Vietnam. Đồng Tháp is 165 kilometres (103 mi) from Ho Chi Minh City, bordered by Pray Veng Province (Cambodia) in the north with a length of more than 48 kilometres (30 mi); Vĩnh Long and Cần Thơ in the south; An Giang in the west; and Long An and Tiền Giang in the east.
Growth of agriculture and aquaculture
Enjoying a temperate climate, wide irrigation system, permanent fresh-water source supplied by Tien River and Hau River, and rich river deposit, the agriculture of Đồng Tháp keeps growing well. At present, Đồng Tháp is the 3rd largest rice paddy in Vietnam with a planted area of 462,042ha and paddy output of more than 2.8 million tons. Apart from rice, the province also has more than 38,000ha of area for secondary and annual industrial crops. Some farm produce zones across Tien River and Hau River have been built up as specializing areas which supply agricultural products to serve the need of processing and export.
The Sa Đéc flower village – one of the largest flower villages in Vietnam which is nearly 300ha wide – provides more than 12 million types of flowers and ornamental plants both locally and overseas every year, taking a significant proportion in the economic growth target of the province. The village has been further invested to enhance its quality, preserve and develop particular local flowers, and applied with advanced biological technology in breeding to raise floriculture as a potential line of production and develop it to be one of the major ecotourism sites of the province.
Đồng Tháp is also well known for fruits, specifically as Cao Lãnh mango, Lai Vung mandarin, Chau Thanh longan and Phong Hoa grapefruit (fruit-able during the year), etc. which bring about high economic values for gardeners. Of all the total area of 30,000ha, fruit-trees reach an output of more than 150,000 tons per annum. Within the province, there are various typical orchards having been specialized to produce consistent quality fruits, which aims at building up brand-name and meeting export requirements.
With a large river body, fishery stand after rice to become the 2nd advantage of the province. Aquaculture is widely developed all over the region, especially catfish and blue-legged prawn. The water surface area for aquatic breeding reaches 5,285ha, where farmers focus on breeding prawns in rice fields and fish in warps along Tien River and Hau River. Each year, Đồng Tháp supplies over 290,000 tons of fish and thousand tons of blue-legged prawns for export processing, accomplishing an export turnover of hundred millions of US dollars.
Administrative divisions
Đồng Tháp is subdivided into 12 district-level sub-divisions:
10 districts:
Cao Lãnh
Châu Thành
Hồng Ngự
Lai Vung
Lấp Vò
Tam Nông
Tân Hồng
Thanh Bình
Tháp Mười
District-level town:
Hong Ngu town
2 provincial cities:
Cao Lanh City (capital of province)
Sa Dec City
They are further subdivided into nine commune-level towns (or townlets), 129 communes, and 14 wards.
Cao Lanh City (capital of province)
Sa Đéc is a provincial city in Đồng Tháp Province (Sa Đéc and Kiến Phong) in the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam. It is a river port and agricultural and industrial trading center, The Sa Dec economic zone consists of Chau Thanh, Lai Vung and Lap Vo districts.
As of January 2018, the city has a population of approximately 202,046. There are three industrial zones in this city, designated by the codes A, C1, and C. They attract a large number of businessmen from the Mekong Delta region.
Sa Dec City
Cao Lãnh (Vietnamese: [kaːw˧ lajŋ̟˧˨˧]) is the capital city of Đồng Tháp Province, Vietnam. It is located at around  WikiMiniAtlas10°28′2″N 105°37′49″E.

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