Eagle Eyes Quality Inspection Co.,Ltd is a professional Third Party Inspection company, offering Quality Control, Factory Audit and Container Loading Supervision service. We see the fast production growth in Vietnam and yet their production quality not as high/ constant as in China, so we expand our inspection coverage to Vietnam to help our clinets watch their production quality. We have qualified quality inspectors in Vietnam, we are right here to ensure your products purchased in Vietnam can meet your specifications, quality standards and safety requirements.

In our
 Gia Lai Inspection Service and Gia Lai Quality Control Service,common Products Inspected As Below

Garment (pajamasbrauniformshirtpant)bagscaps ,gloves ,backpacksShoes (High-heels)bedding sets etc
Rubber products(mattress), frozen seafood, cashew nuts, tea,peanut, rice, coffee, wooden products(Furniture) etc
Electronics: cameraspeaker, Tablet PC, laptopmobile phone and Telephone accessories and many more

QA & QC Inspection Service Networks: Major manufacturing cities across Vietnam.
QA & QC Inspection Services:

Gia Lai Inspection Service

Suppliers Selection Production Monitoring Secure Shipment
Factory Audit Factory Prototype Check Container Loading Supervision
Sample Test Pre-Production Inspection Container Unloading Supervision
Company Verification During Production Inspection  
  Pre-shipment Inspection  
  100% defects Sorting  

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Gia Lai

Gia Lai is a province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Gia Lai is the second largest province in Vietnam, originating from the name Jarai, the name of an indigenous people with the largest population in the province, this call is still kept in the language of Ede people. , Bana, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia to call this land Jarai, Charay, Ia Grai means the land of the Jarai people, perhaps referring to the land of Xa Xa and Fire Xa in the old Jarai state. This is a mountainous province located in the northern part of the Central Highlands in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Gia Lai province was re-established on August 12, 1991, Gia Lai - Kon Tum split into two provinces.
Administrative divisions
Gia Lai is subdivided into 17 district-level sub-divisions:
Pleiku city
An Khê town 
Ayun Pa town
Chư Păh District
Chư Prông District
Chư Pưh District
Chư Sê District
Đắk Đoa District
Đắk Pơ District
Đức Cơ District
Ia Grai District
Ia Pa District
K'Bang District
Kông Chro District
Krông Pa District
Mang Yang District
Phú Thiện District
They are further subdivided into 15 commune-level towns (or townlets), 184 communes, and 24 wards.

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