Eagle Eyes Quality Inspection Co.,Ltd is a professional Third Party Inspection company, offering Quality Control, Factory Audit and Container Loading Supervision service. We see the fast production growth in Vietnam and yet their production quality not as high/ constant as in China, so we expand our inspection coverage to Vietnam to help our clinets watch their production quality. We have qualified quality inspectors in Vietnam, we are right here to ensure your products purchased in Vietnam can meet your specifications, quality standards and safety requirements.

In our
 Phu Tho Inspection Service and Phu Tho Quality Control Service,common Products Inspected As Below

Garment (pajamasbrauniformshirtpant)bagscaps ,gloves ,backpacksShoes (High-heels)bedding sets etc
Rubber products(mattress), frozen seafood, cashew nuts, tea,peanut, rice, coffee, wooden products(Furniture) etc
Electronics: cameraspeaker, Tablet PC, laptopmobile phone and Telephone accessories and many more

QA & QC Inspection Service Networks: Major manufacturing cities across Vietnam.
QA & QC Inspection Services:

Phu Tho  inspection Service

Suppliers Selection Production Monitoring Secure Shipment
Factory Audit Factory Prototype Check Container Loading Supervision
Sample Test Pre-Production Inspection Container Unloading Supervision
Company Verification During Production Inspection  
  Pre-shipment Inspection  
  100% defects Sorting  

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Phu Tho 

Phú Thọ (About this soundlisten) is a province in northern Vietnam. Its capital is Việt Trì, which is 80 kilometres (50 mi) from Hanoi and 50 kilometres (31 mi) from Nội Bài International Airport. The province covers an area of 3528.1 square kilometres and, as of 2008, it had a population of 1,364,700. 
The history of Phú Thọ is linked to the 18 dynasties of Hùng kings who were credited with building the nation of Văn Lang. Because of its strategic location, the province is known as the "West Gate of Hanoi". It is located at the confluence of two large rivers: the Red River and the Da River, and in a transitional area between the Red River Delta the country's northern mountainous provinces. The Xuân Sơn National Park, established in February 2002, is located in the province about 80 kilometres (50 mi) from Việt Trì. The park covers an area of 15,048 hectares (37,180 acres), with over 11,000 hectares (27,000 acres) of natural forest and 1,396 hectares (3,450 acres) of limestone-mountain forests. Phú Thọ is one of the poorest areas of Vietnam and the poorest households earn below US$6 per person per month. Tea is important to the economy of the province. The Hung Kings temple complex, located on Nghĩa Lĩnh mountain in Việt Trì, is a complex of majestic architecture enclosing Hạ Temple (built in the 15th century), Thiện Quang pagoda, Giếng, Trung and Thuong temples, and King Hung's tomb.
Phú Thọ is one of the poorest areas of Vietnam; the poorest households earn below $6 (USD) per person per month.As of 1997, the provincial economy was roughly evenly split at 33% of the workforce working in agriculture, industry and in services respectively. In the period during 1990-1995, the annual increase rate in income 72%. The city of Việt Trì (population 181,123 (2009)) is the headquarters of many companies and groups active in the province and contains many of the industrial firms and service industries.
In agriculture, tea is important to the economy and is the main industrial crop. In the mid-19th century, the established the tea industry in Vietnam, particularly in Phú Thọ province and they had established three research stations to promote tea plantations 33,000 acres (13,000 ha) which were cultivated in Vietnam. Until 1945, during World War II, the tea gardens were deserted, and post-World War II development of the tea industry restarted with assistance from other tea producing countries. The Vietnamese established a Tea Development Incorporation.[16] The total planted area was estimated at 8,400 hectares (21,000 acres) in 2001, (7,200 hectares (18,000 acres) in 1997), around 9% of the cultivated area of the province. The province has an annual production of 31,000 tons of fresh tea (7,000 tonnes of dry tea), although between 1998 and 2001 there was an annual rise of 8% due to the increase in area and yield. As of 2002, the annual production was estimated at 100,000 tons of dry tea, tea consumption stood at 20,000 tonnes a year and 80,000 tons were exported. Over 15,000 families in the province are involved in tea production.
The French agency Agence Française de Développement (AFD) are active in the province and have financed a tea production development program for villages in eight of the province's districts and aims contribute to the economic development of rural populations and improve their living conditions. Under AFD investment (8.5 million euro grant from France), some 3,000 hectares (7,400 acres) of new plantations will be created and existing plantations will be improved in yields and efficiency. 3000 families were expected to benefit from this project. The project has also facilitated improvements in infrastructure in some 115 km of existing routes.
The Vietnamese government had a development strategy for the 2001-10, aiming to improve the output and income of the provincial economy, aiming to double its GDP, increase exports fourfold and strengthen the socialist market economy. Some of the relevant economics statistics related the agriculture and industries sectors are given below. As against the national figure of 273 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery cooperatives there are 100 cooperatives, of which 96 are agricultural cooperatives and three are fisheries cooperatives. The number of cooperatives is 100 as against 7592 cooperatives in the country. There are only 192 farms (last reported in 2002) as against the national number of 120,699.
The output value of agriculture produce at constant 1994 prices in the province was 1686.6 billion đồngs against the national value of 156,681.9 billion dongs. The province produced 280,300 tonnes of cereals[when?] as against the national production of 421.3 million tonnes. 
The per capita production of cereals in the district was 308.7 kilograms (681 lb) as against the national figure of 501.8 kilograms (1,106 lb) in 2007. The province is also known for its grapefruit, palm oil, rice and cassava; freshwater fish are caught in the Red River. In 2007, the industrial output of the province was 11705.1 billion dongs against the national output of 1.47 million billion dongs 
Administrative divisions
Phú Thọ is subdivided into 13 district-level sub-divisions:
11 districts:
Cẩm Khê
Đoan Hùng
Hạ Hòa
Lâm Thao
Phù Ninh
Tam Nông
Tân Sơn
Thanh Ba
Thanh Sơn
Thanh Thủy
Yên Lập
1 district-level town:
Phú Thọ
1 provincial city:
Việt Trì (capital) (Viet Tri)
They are further subdivided into 11 commune-level towns (or townlets), 248 communes, and 18 wards.

Viet Tri city
Việt Trì is the capital city of Phú Thọ Province in the north-east region of Vietnam. In 2010, the district had a population of 260,288.  The district covers an area of 110 square kilometres (42 sq mi). Việt Trì is also the economic centre of the province and contains many industrial firms and service industries.
Việt Trì is one of the first industrial cities of northern Vietnam. The city has great potential for industrial development, agriculture, trade and services. Development of industries including: chemical, paper, apparel, ...On the city focused factories, enterprises, companies with industrial scale production with a large proportion, every year that contribute a large amount of provincial funding and jobs for many workers. A number of factories, companies such as:
Việt Trì Paper Factory Maintenance
Red River Steel Plant
Vietnam Chemical Plant Maintenance
CMC tiles factory
Lot River Shipyard
JSC Hanoi-Hong Ha Beer
Company shares rose Aluminum River
And many factories and companies focused in the industrial zone:
Thuy Van industrial park
Dong Lang Industrial Park
White Industrial Park
South Vietnamese Accounting Maintenance Industrial Park
Dong Lang Industrial Park


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